Wedding Red Packets Singapore

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Since 1993, Olympia Diary has been a one stop service for designing, printing and producing quality wedding red packets that meets your needs. Our extensive product range that includes the likes of Diary Planners and PVC Files, coupled with our years of experience, makes Olympia Diary a trusted source you can rely on.

At Olympia Diary, we use a special printing technique that allows your wedding red packets to stand out from the rest. Our state-of-the-art printing technology enables us to produce high quality printing at very affordable prices.

Benefits of Choosing Olympia Diary For Your Wedding Red Packets


A Selection of Printing & Effects

Making sure your wedding red packet looks special is no easy task, but here at Olympia Diary, we are able to make that happen. Our range of printing techniques are able to churn out wedding red packets that varies in prints and effects. Take your pick from logo hot-stamping, patterned hot-stamping, embossing, lamination and many more.


A Wide Variety of Paper Selection

Wedding red packets goes a long way in expressing your thoughts and affections. Be it for corporate or personal use, we have an extensive range of shimmery pearl and textured paper materials for you to choose from.


We Allow You To Personalise Your Blessings

Usher in your wedding with a unique wedding red packet. Olympia Diary offers customisation for wedding red packets that has the potential to make lasting impressions. Our professional staffs are fully capable to walk you through the creation of your own unique and creative design.


Premium Packaging To Accompany Your Wedding Red Packets

Olympia Diary is able to design and create premium packaging and carriers for your wedding red packets.

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Olympia Diary understands that wedding red packets are as important as the wedding event itself. Contact us today and we’ll be sure to assist you! We look forward to impressing you.