Leather Office Supplies Singapore

Top Quality Products

Here in Olympia Diary, we have been manufacturing anything diary-related ranging from Diary Accessories, Covers, PVC files to even Leather Office Supplies.

Our Leather Office Supplies have been commonly touted as the ‘Best Quality Ever’ and includes wallets, purses, pouches and anything that enables you to stow your Diary safely aside.

Benefits/ Advantages



Wallets, pouches, and purses are often brought along with you wherever you go. It also tends to be constantly used throughout the day.

If they are non-leather, it is likely that they are unable to withstand such frequent usage.

Fortunately, this isn’t the case for our Leather Office Supplies. With leather of quality, we’re able to create Office Supplies that are highly durable.



Our Leather Office Supplies are also extremely flexible.

Gone are the days when your purses, wallets or even pouches are filled to the brim and are on the verge of being torn apart.

With Our Leather Supplies being highly flexible, you’ll be able to store plenty of cards, coins, and even diaries without any worries.


Retains Shape

There may be instances where you had to store lots of items within a pouch or purse resulting in them appearing deformed.

This will not be the case when our Leather Office Supplies are used. Olympia Diary’s Leather Office Supplies are made with top-notch leather that’s able to retain its shape despite being flexible and durable.

Why Choose Olympia Diary?

High Quality

Formed in 1993, we have been constantly manufacturing products that are nothing short of top-grade quality. This, of course, includes our Leather Office Supplies.

Prompt Delivery

We take pride in our ability to deliver everything on-time. You will experience neither delays nor postponement when it comes to receiving your products from us. We deliver as promised.

Best Price

Our Leather Office Supplies also comes along with the Best Price that you can find with such quality.

For more information on what we have to offer and the pricing, simply give us a call at +65 6747 6932.