Diary Supplier Singapore

Top Quality Products

Here in Olympia Diary, we are the Supplier. We manufacture and export products especially Diary-related ones like Accessories, Covers and Planners to name a few, from scratch on our own.

Benefits / Advantages


Constantly Evolving Tools

All our products are made from highly modernized tools. We are always on the lookout for the latest technological advancements that are able to further enhance our products.


High Quality

Embracing technologies as they come forth and utilizing them as soon as they’re put up for sale, has enabled us to maintain the High-Quality standard of all our products.

Everything, be it PVC, leather and more are of guaranteed Top-Grade Quality when they’re manufactured by us.


Options Aplenty

We do not just supply Diaries. We also manufacture Calendars and Red Packets.

Furthermore, our Diaries alone comes in a wide array of designs to choose from. Hence, you’re able to enjoy options aplenty.

Why Choose Olympia Diary?

Swift Delivery

Gone are the days when your orders are either delayed or postponed. There are also times when you had experienced orders that arrived far earlier than the stated date. With Olympia Diary, we guarantee you that all your orders will be delivered on time. Not earlier and never later. We promise to deliver exactly as stated for we know that unscheduled or erratically timed deliveries may cause inconvenience to our customers. That is a no-no for us here in Olympia Diary where we place our customers first, in all matters.

Global Footprint

Established in 1993, our hard work in maintaining the quality of our products and efficiency of how they’re made has worked wonders for us for we have been able to grow beyond Singapore thereafter. We now have factories and offices in countries like China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Australia too.

Best Prices

We also understand that products, especially premium quality products like ours, tends to be a tad pricey elsewhere.

Hence, it brings us great pride to inform you that we have some of the best prices that you can possibly get with such quality.

For more information on the prices and what we have to offer, simply drop us a call at +65 6842 3966.