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Olympia Diary was established in 1993 and remains a top brand among diary manufacturers. We cater to the ever-changing needs of our valued clients, offering original products and designs through innovative concepts.

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Benefits of Diary Manufacturer Products & Services

By hiring the services of a professional diary manufacturer, customers gain access to a substantial range of available design options to achieve the perfect fit for any specification.


Date Sections

Customers may choose among a collection of formats for the date-sectioning of their diaries and decide on the most practical and visibly appealing designs.



Diary covers come in an assortment of colours, materials and patterns that suit the style and purpose of every unique demand.



Manufacturers provide a variety of diary binding techniques to deliver quality aesthetics and functionality with their printed products. 

Why Choose Olympia Diary?

Olympia Diary carries over twenty years of experience in diary manufacturing. In addition to our comprehensive collection of diaries, we offer great flexibility in customisation services to our valued clients. We also stock a large inventory of other printed items including wedding red packets  and customised calendar  products.

Quality Assurance

We only manufacture products from materials of superior quality. The company undergoes strict quality control routines to ensure that only the best stock is delivered to our customers. Our research and development team prioritises technological advancements that offer the most effective manufacturing process.

Punctual Delivery

We value your trust and business. The dedicated team at Olympia Diary guarantees that your ordered package will always reach you safely and on time without any excuses.

Best Prices

All our products and services are delivered with maximum quality and made available to you at some of the best rates in the market. We do not compromise standards over pricing.

Olympia Diary is a brand committed to the art of diary manufacturing, always providing you with printed products of unsurpassed quality.

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