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Olympia Diary is a one-stop station where you can find anything Diary related be it Accessories, Files, Planners, and even Covers.

The latter, also known as Notebook Cover, comes in 15 unique designs.

Benefits / Advantages



Some of our Diary Covers are covered with motivational quotes to spur you on throughout the day.

An example of such quotes that can be found on our Diaries would be “Work in Silence Let Your Success Be Your Noise”.



Gone are the days when you worry whether pages of those private contents written within your Diary may fly into the wrong hands.

With the help of our Diary Cover, contents can be kept secure. No pages can be ripped apart easily nor will it drop off due to weak bindings.

Our Diary Covers also comes with buttons, strings and even buckles to further ensure your Diary contents are safely nestled underneath the Covers, as they should be.



Out of the 15 Diary Cover designs that you can choose from, some are equipped with either a pen or paper slots.

Hence, Diary Covers enables you to experience convenience right by your fingertips. You need not spend ages scouring the rooms in search of a pen to pen down thoughts into your Diary for a pen can now be attached to it.

Any notes or documents can also be easily slotted into our Diary Covers’ paper slots.

Why Choose Olympia Diary?

Best Quality

Here in Olympia Diary, we have been manufacturing nothing but the absolute best since 1993, especially when it comes to quality.

Prompt Delivery

We also guarantee on-time deliveries. Thus, you can expect your product to arrive as stated.

Options Aplenty

With 15 varied designs to choose from, customers can enjoy options aplenty no matter how old you are.

Our designs range from classy Marble to bold colored ones. Simply take your pick on which suits you best.


We also offer Customization services for our Diary Covers but those who do not have a design in mind may simply take a pick out of the aforementioned 15 designs.

For more information, just give us a call at +65 6747 6932.