Diary Accessories Singapore

Top Quality Products

Established in 1993, Olympia Diary is one of Singapore’s top diary manufacturers. A leader in the creation of diaries, PVC files, and even red packets, we assure that all our products are made with the intention to deliver quality.

Specialising in both corporate and retail markets, we offer a large variety of products and customisation choices that are sure to appeal to any customer. Furthermore, we also have an extensive list of diary accessories to choose from.

Accessories Offered

Aside from the various products and diary designs offered, we also allow customers to pick from a lengthy list of accessories that they want on their diary.


Metal Plates for Cover Logo

For those who want a more official and sophisticated look for their diary.


Zip-Up Cover

For those who want more privacy in their diaries, or maybe even the ease of travelling with one, a zip-up cover may just be perfect for you.


Stitching Colours

Add more grace or colour to your diary by choosing the stitching!


Concealed Magnetic Snappers

For the perfect office and work diary, the magnetic snappers give the look of professionalism.


Coloured Edging

For those who love bright colours and want to give their diary a fun twist.


Personalised Names

For those who want to add a more intimate touch to their diary.



For those who need their diary to look more polished.



For those who want to decide if they want a ring binding or the traditional bookbinding.

Why Choose Olympia Diary?

Competitive Pricing

The prices of our diaries are the best in the market – regardless of what design or material they are made in. We assure that we offer the best price for all our quality products.

Quality Products And Designs

Despite the best price, we don’t skimp on the quality of every product that we create. Rest assure that Olympia Diary is studious and steadfast in the handling of the materials we use as well as the research we do in order to ensure that our designs are what customers want.

Years Of Experience

With years of experience under our belt, we’ve managed to cultivate a strong standard operating procedure that ensures the on-time delivery of your products. Moreover, we have a nurtured bond with our customers and partners in the industry.perience

Contact us today via email at sales@olympia-diary.com.sg or give us a call at +65 6747 6932!