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Here at Olympia Diary, we do not just manufacture Diaries. We also have Red Packets, PVC Folders, and even Calendars Diaries, to name a few.

Our Calendars are no ordinary ones either. They’re Custom Calendars whereby our customers can customize them to their liking.

Benefits / Advantages



Despite everything going digital these days, having a physical Calendar is still useful for many.

It can be used to note appointments and manage one’s schedule in the long run.



Although many may have already owned Calendars, Customizing Calendars will set your calendar apart from others. There’ll be only a few like it – depending on how many you’ve decided to order.


Meaningful Lasting Impression

Exclusively Customized Calendar shows that you’ve put some thought into it. Gifting such Calendars will definitely imprint a positive lasting impression upon the receiver.


Builds Brand Awareness

You’re also able to customize our Calendars in a manner that’ll raise awareness towards your Brand.

Incorporating your Brand within our Calendars enables you to promote the existence of your Brand in a discreet fashion.

Moreover, since they’re physical Calendars, there are high chances of them being propped on ones’ desks upon receiving them, thus allowing them to not only check dates conveniently but to indirectly be aware of your Brands existence thanks to this customization feature of ours.


Room for Information

Apart from enabling people to know about the existence of your Brand, Custom Calendars also have spaces aplenty to include useful information involving your Brand.

Thus, receivers of such Calendars will be able to better understand your Brand.

Why Choose Olympia Diary?

High Quality

Everything from Olympia Diary is guaranteed to be of High Quality. We make everything via our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

We also actively keep tabs of the latest technologies to see if there’s any that we can utilize to further enhance our already top-notch quality products.

Efficient Delivery

We deliver as promised and pride ourselves for being on-time, every time.

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