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Corporate gifts are important. They facilitate a good relationship between the employees and employers as well as are an excellent way to show appreciation and acknowledge the people who work hard for your company round-the-year. Furthermore, sending thoughtful gifts to clients is also a great way to strengthen the relationship and maintain goodwill. If you are looking for a corporate gifts supplier in Singapore, Olympia Diary is the right choice for you.

From apparels to stationery and travel kits to gadgets, we offer a wide range of corporate gifts. Established in the year 1993, we have more than 25 years of experience in the industry and have grown to serve national as well as international markets in Singapore, Australia, Guangzhou and Malaysia.

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Why Corporate Gifts are important?


Great way to encourage employees

Corporate gifts have proven to be the best method to acknowledge and appreciate employees. For example, a customized diary with your company logo and brand message will stay with an employee forever. Their company emails may cease to exist but this will stay and leave an impression. So, even after an employee switches jobs, they will leave a good review and spread positive word of mouth for your company.


Help in maintaining goodwill with clients

Clients tend to remember service providers who go the extra mile. We are living in the digital age where the competition is cutthroat and everyone is capable of writing emails and sharing reviews. A tangible corporate gifts gives the message that you are genuinely invested in maintaining the ties and goes a long way.


A tangible way to remind people of your brand

Corporate gifts are also an excellent way to market and position your brand. A gift with your company logo and mission statement will leave a significant impact and help you establish a strong brand image.

Why choose Olympia Diary as your corporate gifts supplier?

From customized diary covers to leather planner and calendars diary to leather office supplies, at Olympia Diary we have no dearth of options when it comes to corporate gifts. Our dedicated team creates tailor-made gifts to cater to your needs.

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