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Established in the 1930s, Campo Marzio is a leading brand of fountain pens and writing instruments. Since then, it has diversified into office, leather and travel accessories. Today, the company is world-renowned, having turned common stationery items into fashion accessories which are characterized by vibrant colors and modern design.

Olympia Diary stocks a range of Campo Marzio products – these include travel accessories, writing instruments, and journals, among others.

Established in 1993, we have emerged as one of the leading diary manufacturers  in Singapore for both our corporate and retail markets.

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Campo Marzio: A Symbol Of Style And Culture


International Brand With Rich History

Campo Marzio is an established international brand that has applied fashion to writing instruments, turning common stationery products into fashion accessories. The vibrancy of the brand adds style and color to daily life.

The brand embodies the soul of Italian culture and tradition, not only in craftsmanship but also in other facets related to writing traditions. Its history is intricately linked to the city of Rome, where the brand was first established.


Where Artisan Tradition And Modernity Meet

Today, Campo Marzio designs, manufactures and distributes all its products directly, and on an exclusive basis. The brand presents itself as a combination of its original artisan tradition with modern commercial and managerial skills. Campo Marzio sees constant growth, a result of the ever-increasing demand for products from worldwide markets.

Why Choose Olympia Diary?

At Olympia, we carry a wide range of diary accessories. Among other items, these include diary covers, calendar planners, and leather planners. We also offer customisation options for diaries, diary covers, and red packets.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a team of dedicated production personnel, our customers are assured of top-grade quality products and an on-time delivery schedule. All these are brought to you at competitive prices.

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